Dream Brother

This morning, I had a dream that I had a brother. I do have brothers, three half brothers, but the one in my dream wasn’t any of them. I had never seen him before, but I knew him and we were really close. We talked, hung out together and he was protective of me (but not overly protective). He was the all around good brother. Shortly before I woke up, he began to look a little sad and I wasn’t sure why.

The dream left me wondering. Why did I dream that? Perhaps it is because I’ve always wanted a brother like that. The only one of my brothers I really get to see is Ricky, but not much because his wife doesn’t want him to see his family. My other two brothers. . . . Well, they are not really the best of people and I think it is better they are not in my life.

It also had me thinking of something I read awhile ago, is that Cherokee have very close communities and family that help each other. I didn’t grow up with that. It was just me and my parents. My siblings had all moved out by the time I was 5 and the rest of our family, well, it was just better not to be around them.

My dad’s family have really lost touch with who they are. It makes me very sad.

Maybe my dream was showing a longing for a brother to be close with, or just a longinig for a close family that you can trust and know you can count on.


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