Feather Earrings

My first pair of Feather Earrings. I just finished them a few minutes. I used some brown leather, red and yellow/goldish feathers along with white and red beads.

I think I’m going to make another pair like this, but I’m going to make a few other colors. I haven’t decided which colors yet though.

Also, earlier I was looking on Powwows.com and saw these beautiful hair barrettes. Click here for a picture of them. It says they are done a loom and a few weeks ago I believe I was on Crazy Crow trading post and saw a loom that is used for Native beading. I’d like to buy one and learn to do Native beading. Judith on Xanga after seeing my other crafts told me that I’m talented and should learn Native beading. I’d really like to. I’d also like to learn to make moccasins and other items eventually.


7 responses to “Feather Earrings

  1. Oh my gosh! These are absolutely beautiful!
    You are so creative! I’d love to know the other colors you make! How cool…I hope you CAN get the loom and learn to do some beading!
    So good to see you posting here!
    I’ll check out the link, too.


    • Thanks. Once I make some others I’ll post some pictures of them.

      I posted these on Xanga and someone already wants a pair! I made the blue pair that she wanted and I’m going to meet her next week so she can pay for them and I can give her the earrings.


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