Library Problems

I love my local library. I do whatever I can to support them. I go to their book sales, buy books from their bookstore located within the library, rent their DVDs and even buy drinks and food from their coffee. I have even donated books to them. In short, I do what I can to help them and I’ve done quite a bit.

I haven’t had any problems with the library until more recently. It happened for the first time two or three months ago. There were some books I borrowed, I read them and returned them. I then checked my account online and saw one of the books I had returned was listed as still checked out. I asked them about it and after a bit of a fight, they took it off my account. They told me they couldn’t find it. But shortly after I told them I did return it and I wouldn’t be paying any late charges, they found the book.

Since then I have been checking my account on a regular basis, making sure that this didn’t happen again. And it didn’t, until about a week ago. It happened with another book. Again, I borrowed books, read them and returned them. All the books I returned were checked back in except for one book.

It was a struggle with them again. They didn’t believe me that I had returned it. And then yesterday, I found out that they were doing this with my boyfriend too. There were some books of his books that he had returned and they were all checked in except for one.

We went into the library to talk to someone again and she was trying to make us feel bad by saying “These books just won’t be here to borrow anymore.”

Once I put the books in one of their return boxes, it is out of my hands and if it something happens to them, what can I do? They are back at the library and if they somehow disappear, it’s not my fault.

Sorry if I sound annoyed, but if you would look at my library account, you’d see I never return a book late, I’ve never had any late charges and I definitely don’t keep any items that I borrow. Everything is always returned to the library. I just hope that this won’t happen again.

2 responses to “Library Problems

  1. Aw. 😦 That’s a bummer. So frustrating! I hate when things like that happen…after you’ve done the right thing…and then the library won’t believe it might be their fault! 😦 I think they need to take your word…especially based on what a good patron you’ve been to the library…and be willing to admit they are wrong.


  2. Hee I found your site! but this is really annoying. I’m glad everything was kinda resolved in a somewhat polite manner, though. Something like this happened to me in high school. Someone went to check out a book and the Librarian wasn’t paying attention and this kid checked it out under my name. Luckily, my mom was friends with the lady and talked it over with her. Everything was fixed in the end.


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