My First Rejection

A day or two ago I submitted another poetry manuscript to the Threepenny Review. My first poetry manuscript was sent to the Gettysburg Review earlier this month.

The Threepenny Review says they respond with their decision in two days to months. I got a response in about a day.

I was nervous when I saw the e-mail from them in my mailbox. I opened it, hoping for the best. But it was a rejection.  They said that they couldn’t use my writing and it didn’t have anything to do with the quality of my writing.

It was disappointing, to say the least. But now I realize that I still took a step towards getting my writing published. They rejected it, yes, but I still put myself out there and I’m proud of that. I know the poems I sent them were great. I wrote and rewrote them until they were great. I even got some people to read them and tell me what they thought before I sent them out.

I just believe some place will accept my writing. I still have to wait to hear back from the Gettysburg Review. It’ll be a while yet. And the poems that the Threepenny Review rejected, I’m going to submit them to Poetry Manuscript.

I’ll just keep having a positive attitude and won’t give up. I know that some magazine will accept my writing. I just have to keep submitting and I know it will happen.


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