Selling Crafts Again

It has been a while but I am finally back to selling my crafts again! Any sales would be appreciated and also help very much with buying things I need or paying bills.

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Been A While

I know it has been a while since I posted. I want you all to know I am doing okay. I’d like to post a real update on what’s been going on, but that will have to wait. And it will end up being a protected post.

I found out a few months ago that apparently, my uncle stalks me online to find out information about me. And he would have to do some hardcore research since I don’t even use my real last name online.

So I was toying with the notion of setting my blog to private. However, I don’t really want to do that. But I also don’t want my family knowing what’s going on with me. So I figured posts that aren’t really personal will be public and personal posts, what’s going on with me, etc, will be protected and only those who have a password can read it.

Many of you have been reading my blog for years. I know many of you care. I haven’t been trying to worry anyone by not updating. But like I said, I don’t want my family knowing what’s going on with me.

My family, not including my mom in this. I am talking family like aunts, uncles, siblings, etc. My family are not good people. They want to know what’s going on with me simply to gossip, spread untruths about me, and just to be able to say bad things about me. I’ve not done anything wrong. However, whatever information they find, they will somehow turn it into something bad.

It upsets me very much that my blog and my Twitter are no longer safe spaces for me.

I honestly feel that my family are very cruel. After what I have recently been through, they have only added more stress.

I just wanted to tell you all why I haven’t been posting. But when I can, I will write a protected blog. And for those of you who have my cell phone number or facebook, can also keep up with me that way.

One Ok Rock Concert

The One Ok Rock concert was on July 10th. I know I’m pretty late posting the pictures and I’m sorry. Just been having to deal with stuff here.

The concert was amazing! So much fun. The last concert I had been to was in 2008 and that was to see the Spice Girls. The opening acts for One Ok Rock were Palisades and Set It Off. I really liked Palisades. I wasn’t really into Set It Off but they put on a good show.

One Ok Rock really puts on an amazing show. So much energy. It was awesome. And I was so happy I was able to experience this with Victor. It was a really great night.

Wrote a new post but it’s password protected and I’m going to keep it that way. If you want to read it, mail me at: Spicegirls53842 at  aol dot com.

Make sure to put in the subject who you are and you would like the password.

Clock Strikes by One Ok Rock

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that I will be seeing One Ok Rock in July. I wanted to see them last year when they were touring with Five Seconds of Summer and Hey Violet. They came to Hershey, Pennsylvania. But at that time, we didn’t have a car and I couldn’t find anyone willing to go with me. I was very disappointed because I love One Ok Rock. They are one of my favorite bands.

I was excited when they announced they are coming here to San Antonio on their world tour.

I discovered them about a year ago while looking on Youtube for new music. The first song I ever heard by them was Clock Strikes. I instantly became a fan and started listening to other songs of theirs. I’m gonna share the song with you all that made me fall in love with this awesome band.

They are a Japanese band and some of the lyrics are in English and some are in Japanese.

One Year Anniversary

Today is me and Victor’s one year anniversary.

So much has changed in a year. I’ve changed. Or rather, I’m becoming me again. I’m living in Texas now and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I feel so lucky to have Victor.

Things aren’t perfect here, but my life with him is so much better.

And I love him so very much. He’s my everything. I’d do anything for him. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him. He’s amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better man.