Michale Graves Concert

Monday night I went to see Michale Graves in concerts. For those not familiar with Michale Graves, it is best known as the singer for the Misfits when they reformed in the 90s. Songs such as Dig Up Her Bones and Scream were written by him.

Monday night he performed all the songs from both Misfits albums he was on.

American Psycho

Dig Up Her Bones


I know the sound isn’t the best on the videos. Sorry about that.

I also got to meet Michale Graves and a few members of his band.


Me with Michale Graves. He was very nice and sweet. He asked what my name was and told me I have a beautiful name. He gave me a hug. He signed a poster for me too. And I gave him another hug before I left. And for people who really know me, they know this is unusual. I don’t like people touching me unless it is someone I know well and care about. I absolutely hate strangers touching me.

There was a point near the end of the concert where he stood on stage and was just talking to everyone. He said that music is amazing and what he’s doing he’s not doing for himself but for everyone else. He said music creates a bond; it connects all of us. We all have music that resonates with us.

And he also said that we may not remember everything that happened that night but we would remember how he made us feel. And he wanted us to feel good.

I actually like Michale Graves even more now. I see we both have a similar way of thinking.

I will always remember that night and how he made me feel. He didn’t just make things fun but he also connected with the crowd. I felt that. It felt as even though he didn’t know me or any of the other people there, he cared very much about all of us.

It was such a fun night. I enjoyed it so much. I would love to see him in concert again.


The poster he signed for me.

Hand of the Tribe – The Last Time

I was watching music videos on Youtube last week and came upon this one. The band is called Hand of the Tribe and the song is called The Last Time. So far it is their only song because they are a new band but I really love the song. I can’t wait to hear more from them.

More Tattoos

My post from the beginning of February was of my new tattoo. Since then I have gotten two more.

I saved up and in April, I got two more tattoos.


One of my favorite bands.


This one is lyrics from a song by Pop Evil called Monster You Made.


‘Cause who I am
Isn’t who I used to be
And I’m not invincible
I’m not indestructible
I’m only human
Can’t you see
The beauty in me

I still want to get some more tattoos. I’d love to get another Native tattoo but I want it to be specific to my tribe. Trying to find something like that is hard though. That’s why it sucks not having grown up in the culture but I’ll keep doing research and hopefully, I’ll find something.

Been A While

I find myself at a loss for words. I haven’t blogged in quite a while and have been thinking a few days about what I would say. As I sit here and stare at my screen, I am drawing a bit of a blank.

I miss this though. I miss blogging. It was a daily part of my life for so long. And I’m surprised at how that changed.

But a lot has changed for me since 2016. I won’t get into all that in this post. Just letting you all know I am okay. And I am going to do my best to start blogging more when I can.

I started a few new blogs on here. They are linked at the top of my page.

One for movies: Mini Movie Reviews

And one for video games: Tsalagi Gaming

I hope you all are doing well.

Strictly Myself