How would you feel?

I was seriously angry last night. And if I am being honest, I still am today.

Last night me and Victor went to pick up Amy. On the way home, she asked to stop at a gas station so she could buy cigarettes. When we got to the gas station Amy said to Victor, “Can you come in with me? There are white boys in there and I don’t do well around white boys.” Mind you, Amy is white.

I feel that she crossed boundaries. And she always does. I am tired. I am frustrated.

How would you feel if a friend of your significant other was doing things like that?



My birthday is this Sunday. Victor is taking me to the Pokemon fest here in San Antonio. I am looking forward to it.

He asked what else I want to do for my birthday. I told him that I didn’t know. 

I never did much for my birthdays. As a kid, my parents had parties for me. While I was with Marc, on my birthday I’d go out to eat with him and my parents. But that was it. Me and Marc never really did anything besides that for my birthday. He didn’t drive so we never went on dates or anything.

I just told Victor I want to spend the day with him. So I don’t know what we’ll do after the Pokemon fest. 

I honestly think it would be nice for us to just be able to stay home and have a nice dinner together. But we very rarely ever get the place to ourselves. And I know my birthday won’t make a difference. If I want to spend the day with him only, that means us not being at the apartment.

I am sure I will have a good birthday with him. I’m just happy I get to spend my birthday with him now.

I remember being miserable last year because I wasn’t with him. I bet Sunday will be great.


I am currently watching License to Wed. It’s a movie I have seen before and like it. It is a funny movie. But it also really teaches that there will be people who will interfere in your relationship. In the movie, it is a Reverend played by Robin Williams. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know all works out well for the couple in the end. It is shown as the interference in their relationship has made them stronger as a couple. This is a movie, of course, and from my own personal experience, as well witnessing interference is never a good thing.
It could be anyone that interferes. Parents, family members, even friends. The thing is, when you’re with someone, the relationship is between the two of you. No one else. Don’t let anyone come between you and the person you love. And if someone does, then I think it is time to dismiss them from your life.
If someone tries to interfere with your relationship and cause problems then they don’t care for you. They are only concerned that they won’t be able to use you in the way they want to anymore. And that’s wrong as well as selfish. Someone who truly cares for you would never try to cause problems with the person you love. They would want you to be happy.
If someone sees a happy couple, they need to leave them alone. Don’t interfere and cause problems.
Or if you’re dealing with someone who is interfering in your relationship, whether it is family or friends, don’t let them come between you and the person you love. Don’t let them seep doubts into your mind. If they are interfering in your happiness, it is time to let that person go.

Pray For My Mom

My mom has been unable to work for many years now since she hurt her back. Prior to that, she worked full-time and had jobs on the side as well.

She has been trying to get disability for quite a while now. She finally had her court date about 4 months ago and they told her she would get a letter in the mail notifying her whether she was approved or denied. Today she finally got the letter in the mail.

She was denied and she told me she doesn’t see the point in appealing it because it took her 19 months to get this last court date. She currently works part-time but that is very hard for her. She knows she wouldn’t be able to work full-time with how her back is. And she doesn’t know how she’ll pay for everything. She told me that she will probably end up losing the house and having to live in the car.

She still lives in Pennsylvania and she doesn’t have anyone there. Our family sucks and won’t help her. I’m asking you all to please pray for my mom. She needs something really good to happen in her life for once instead of things getting worse.


One Ok Rock Concert

The One Ok Rock concert was on July 10th. I know I’m pretty late posting the pictures and I’m sorry. Just been having to deal with stuff here.

The concert was amazing! So much fun. The last concert I had been to was in 2008 and that was to see the Spice Girls. The opening acts for One Ok Rock were Palisades and Set It Off. I really liked Palisades. I wasn’t really into Set It Off but they put on a good show.

One Ok Rock really puts on an amazing show. So much energy. It was awesome. And I was so happy I was able to experience this with Victor. It was a really great night.


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